5.                                                                     Bridesmaid Survival Kit A DIY Spring Survival Kit will always be a fun bridesmaids gift idea. Simply combine the things that your bridesmaid might want or need during the wedding and put them in a gift bag. You may want to include lip balm, small bottles of water, facial wipes, hand sanitizer, advil, a snack or treat like cookies, granola or chocolate. The diy bridesmaid gifts are the best way to go if you are on a limited budget and are looking for cheap bridesmaid gift ideas. If you would like to buy a personalized one that already has the survival supplies included see below ....

4.                                                                            Custom Stemless Wine Glasses You can never go wrong with buying personalized stemless wine glasses for your bridesmaids and other members of your wedding party. You can add her monogram to the glass and have one of the glasses filled with her favorite wine as she comes to the wedding to toast your big day.

3.                                                                      Embroidered Handkerchiefs One of the not so fun things about spring are allergies. Teary eyes are not only from crying tears of joy for some bridesmaids so a custom embroidered handkerchief makes a good spring gift for the ladies in your wedding party (not to mention it's perfect if your makeup smudges or you get lipstick on your teeth!) These personalized bridal handkerchiefs will make a special thank you gift.

5 Essential Gift Ideas for Spring Bridesmaids

When you think about spring, you think about pastel colors, flowers and the sun coming out.  You have a crisp fresh scent in the air and light and flowing clothing and even the beginning of picnics and eating outdoors.  These are the same themes that carry over to create spring wedding favors, decor and bridesmaid gift ideas.

If you are the bride whose got her theme ready to go but can't find a good spring wedding favor, here are a few gift ideas from one of our favorite wedding sites.

1.                                                                    Customized Bangle Bracelets  When spring comes sleeves say goodbye.  That makes these customized bangles a perfect gift for your bridesmaids.  Featuring Swarovski crystals, pearls and a personalized tag, they are an amazing way to show your appreciation to your bridesmaids or your maid of honor.  A perfect thank you gift.

2.                                                                            Personalized Wine Cooler Totes Perfect for your bachelorette party or bridal shower gift and will be useful for years after the wedding. These personalized wine cooler bags are a great bridesmaid gift idea. Not only will they be used when someone is celebrating and having fun, but your bridesmaids will always have a nice reminder of your wedding whenever they use the tote to celebrate with a glass of wine. With the weather warming up, this wine cooler tote is the perfect spring gift to give your bridesmaids.

Bridesmaids Gift Ideas for Spring Weddings

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